What's Your Favorite Chocolate Treat?

What are you into?

  • White chocolate, man!

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  • Milk Chocolate's the only way to go!

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  • o.O;; Chocolate? What planet be this... "chocolate" from?

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  • ZOMG! Look! It's my foot!

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First off, what do you like most? White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or special dark chocolate (whichj is basically the same thing?)

I have to say hands-down that it is milk chocolate. Unless we're talking about brownies, lol. I'm really not too big on chocolate, but at the same time, I can't live without it!

What's your favorite chocolate treat to eat? Why? Again, mine is brownies!

What is something that you'd like to try? Where'd you hear about it?

What's your favorite treat to bake? If you can't guess mine by now, then you need to go back up and actually read the post XD

Are there any secret ingredients that you sneak into your chocolate yummies? I'm a bit too scared to try new things (that I make) because I have a tendency to...kill it. Just about every time I try to make brownies, I make cake brownies which taste awful. However, I love to make random chocolate crap and add exra crap in there. Just...don't count on me to eat it. And...I won't do that when I am hungry. Mostly, I'll just mop around until I decide that I need to eat something to save myself from death. It's quite rediculous, actually.

So...tell us about all your chocolatey habits!


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Those white chocolate macadameon cookies from Subway...yum! But I can't resist a good Milk Chocolate treat, so sweet Milk Chocolate comes closely in second^^

What I would like to try is a Chocolate Eclair, believe it or not I haven't had one of those really, shame ;_; I heard it and seen it off the food channel. I keep wondering to myself why do I look at that channel when I'm hungry, it's just stupid >.<

Me bake? Well yeah I can bake cakes, my favorite kind of cake though is the Strawberry Cake that my Grandma makes or the Chocolate cake that my other grandma makes(weird isn't it? lol) which is crazy but a true fact there.

Secret ingredients? Are u talking about the "special" treats my friend makes, I haven't tried them and never will. But I do add some cinnamon in some of my cakes or alittle spice to go with the too sweet icing ( that sweet icing sometimes gives u a headache ouch!)


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Nice Threads Icy!

I adore white chocolate..I love it
Awww. Thank you, Alex! If I can't refer anyone to the site (people don't like to go to sites I go to. Somethin' 'bout aliens or...something...o_O;;), then I should make you all pa....I mean...post extra crazy threads for you all to...respond to?


White chocolate's okay. I don't like the reeces, but the white kitcats pwn XD

Uh. Damn body's and their useless need for sleep!

Doe boy doe da doe boy fresh


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I'm a big fan of chocolate...Any kind of Hershey is my favorite, its all good to me...I usually keep a stash of it, and probably eat a piece everyday...Man, you can't beat a good milk chocolate anything, chocolate covered pecans, peanuts...Anything w/chocolate and caramel is bound to be crazy good....

In other words, I'm a Sherm, and found it impossible to vote in the poll, lol...


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If it's just plain chocolate with nothing else, then it's white chocolate. If it's ice cream you buy at the store, then it's milk chocolate. If it's soft served ice cream, it's both chocolate and vanilla. But I just have this soft spot for those Carmellos... They are soooooooooooooooooooooooo good.


I like all sort of chocolate with the exception of dark chocolate.

*too lazy to answer the other questions*

but I like my chocolate little at a time, too much and it ruins the taste.