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What's your favorite Chinese food?


"Expect the unexpected"
1、Sweet and Sour Pork
2、Gong Bao Chicken
3、Ma Po Bean Curd
4、Wonton Soup
6、Spring Rolls
7、Chow Mein
8、Peking Duck

Which your choose?:D
I'll have to go with no.1 Sweet and sour pork. Hey! What can I say....I love pork!


Registered Member
I just ate some House special fried rice, house special chow mein and some curry sauce yum:)this is what i nearly always get for a take out, but if we go to a restaurant i like to have the set meals or banquets so you get a bit of all kinds:D


Do What Thou Wilt
I prefer Filipino food to chinese food, actually. :D

Tamarinds (a citrous flavored fruit candied in sugar) is absolutely delicious.

Shoi Pao (sweet pork wrapped in dough) is a must as well.

Hopia! (Filipino Biscuits with delicious sweet bean curd inside)

Palvoran (short bred mixed with sweetened powdered milk)

OMG, it is so much better than chinese food. if you ever find a Filipino ethnic shop, you MUST buy these. They are divine

But for chinese food, my primaries are White Rice, General Gaos chicken, Pork Lo Mein, Chicken Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, wanton soup, pot stickers, dumpling, yum yum, its so gooooooooooooood


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Just to say, spring rolls are Vietnamese, not Chinese. Anyways, mine are:

Orange Beef

Mongolian Chinese fondue

Chinese Hotpot


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Just to say, spring rolls are Vietnamese, not Chinese. Anyways, mine are:

Orange Beef

Mongolian Chinese fondue

Chinese Hotpot
I saw orange beef on the menu the last time I went to a Chinese restaurant. I wasn't sure about it, I love orange chicken though, that's some great stuff.

I also had dumplings for the first time pretty recently, those were really good, will definitely be getting them again.

I don't care if spring rolls are Vietnamese, I still like them :D


Sally Twit
Chicken Chow Mein
Shredded Duck with Pancakes
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
It's funny reading this now because my answer is slightly different. I still love the top two, but I never have the last two any more.
Instead I like Sweet and Sour Pork, Spring Rolls and Egg Fried Rice.


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My favorites are Peking duck and sweet and sour pork. I like fried brown rice with egg bits too and something else but I dont know the name. It had chicken with shrimps and chestnuts and it really owned.


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My favorites in no particular order are

shrimp egg foo yong
sweet and sour pork
egg rolls
shrimp or chicken chop suey
orange chicken with no spice
beef and broccoli

Boy I guess I like more chinese then I thought :lol:


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I do love a Chinese takeaway. My favourites include:

- Sweet and Sour Chicken balls
- Duck with pineapple
- Shredded Duck with pancakes etc...
- Chicken with cashew nuts
- Satay Chicken
- Pork Fried Rice
- Seaweed

If I order a takeaway I usually pick from these.