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What's your favorite Chinese food?


rainbow 11!
General's chicken, Chang's spicy chicken, chicken fried rice.... Spring rolls. Lol OH! Fortune cookies. >.>

and lo mein... but just the noodles.


still nobody's bitch
crab rangoon ftw

I also like szechuan broccoli, or whatever it's called. broccoli in spicy ginger sauce.


Registered Member
MMM i like anything spicy like garlic or schezuan chicken/steak, crab rangoons and egg rolls....The asian places near me are kinda fancy and have sushi too so i usually get a california or philly roll to start


The Rock is cooking atm..
Ahhh...my favorite type of food haha!

I love Fried Rice, with sweet and sour pork, honey soy chicken, and chicken satay...yum!

Spring Rolls are nice as well.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I thought I replied to this already but I can't find it (or I'm temporarily blind today). Anyway, I like all sorts of rice they have, especially what we call here riz shanghai. I like the rolls, the sweet and sour pork, the beef n oyster dish, those deep fried shrimp beignet, and I like the noodles too. I love Chinese food. It must be the oil and MSG that's making it so good. :lol:


I am the edge!
I'm really surprised I never responded to this thread before, because I absolutely LOVE Chinese food.

Some of my favorites are: chicken and broccoli, cashew chicken, chicken fried rice, vegetable lo mein, and general tsao's chicken. OH! And can't forget crab rangoon.

A buffet is really the best route to take for me, because I love it all.