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Movies What's your favorite anime?

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Mine's One Piece. Cause i think that luffy is cool.

What about you lot?


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There's an anime section like, one click away from here :/

My favorite anime is ARIA the Animation/ARIA the Natural.

Aria is a nice calm series. It doesn't rely on action to interest people, nor does it rely on suspense. It's cute, without being a lolitafest. It's characters are likeable all the way from Akari, to the manager of the San Marco square cafe. The sense of discovery and wonder is great and some moments just "wow" me.

Aria is a really laid back anime, and that sets it apart. Sure, I love hyper random stuff, and can't get enoguh of a good deep story, but Aria is the kind of series I can always come back to and know I'm in for a good time, with sweet characters, and a sense of wonder that few other series have.


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I guess i can go into a bit of detail why I like One Piece most.

It stresses important themes like nakama (friends/friendship), and despite the shortcomings that the members of the pirate crew have, they always stick by each other and stay friends FOREVER, setting sail to find thier destiny, together... <tears>WAHHHH</tears>

Also, its got a great dose of crazy arse humour, not to mention sporting some nasty villains. And the storyline is cool.

And luffy is a great role model, because he doesn't know how to be discreet, he always says what he thinks, and is always loyal, and also, even if he gets the shit kicked out of him, always stays determined to win. and hes got a straw hat which is extremely valuable to him, which is symbolic of having little possesions but still being happy. or something.


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Well I have a bunch of series that I really like

NANA I love because its just a chick flick turned into a series.

Naruto I love because of his ambition and the mesh of all the characters

DeathNote just kicks ass period. Lots of twists and turns so far but still great!

I have a few more but I wont hold you guys talking too much about them!
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