Whats your Favorite Animals?



Whats your favorite animals and why? Mine are Tigers, Eagles, and Wolves. I like tigers because of the fur its looks cool(Not cool enough the skin them of it)and there fierce. I like eagles because the birds of prey and they look cool. And i like wolves because i think it's cool that all dogs originated from them.

+KJ Sensei+

I love animals! I like foxes, wolves, cats, dogs, hawks, etc..I guess you can say I am an animal lover..^^

+KJ Sensei+
I really really want a pet kinkajou... they're like if a monkey were crossed with a cat: absolutely adorable, agile and smart, lovable (they'll sleep with you and they purr), and generally really cool. The only downside is they're as destructive as a cat combined with a monkey, and if they get afraid or pissed off they smell bad.
I've got 2 turtles. And I also like frogs and tropical fish. I used to have guppies though, they all died and I fed them to my turtles.