What's your Daily Routine?


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How does your typical day go? What things do you usually do? Is it the same for weekdays and weekends?


Certified Shitlord

Wake up
Go to work
Go home
Play games/hang with friends

Weekends are simply the same schedule minus the whole go to work and come home deal.


Living on the 0th floor
Wake up
Go to work
visit my boyfriend at his job before I go home
Go home
go to the gym
spend time with the boyfriend
and repeat.

Except on weekends it varies everytime.


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Wake up
Go to work
Go home
Work 4 more hours
Go to sleep.

Wake up
Go to work
Go home
Go to the gym
Possibly go out to eat
Go home

Mow lawn
Do laundry
Work 4 hrs
Go to the gym
Go to Brecks/Icehouse for the evening
Go home

Work 4 hrs
Go to the gym
Grocery shopping and whatever else I need
Go home
Do laundry

This is the suckiness of my life.


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Wake up, have breakfast and all that shizzle
go to school
come home
do chores, piano, homework, hang out with mates
draw or read or write or play badminton
sleep =D

saturday goes something like this
wake up, breakfast etc
put school clothes and dirty laundry in washing machine etc
do chores
clean out pet's cages
go to town or go swimming with mates or something
youth club
go home, have dinner, watch TV.

sunday is church, dinner, homework, mates, sleep.

lmao. what a boring life i lead.


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Well since it's summer and I can't really work or go to the gym it's:

Sleep till noonish
Take shower
Watch Without A Trace
Play Games (Skip to this if Without a Trace isn't on)
Possibly hang out with friends
Eat a few times
Stay up until 2

My summer so far has been pretty fuckin awesome.


The Original Kiwi
Feed baby
Get older kids hot chocolate
Turn on cartoons
Wake up
Go on a bike ride
Make breakfast and Kyle's lunch
send Kyle to work
spend way to much time on the computer
clean house, take care of kids
Kyle comes homes
Eat dinner
Put kids in bed
Go to sleep.

On Sat I run errands instead of clean house, an Sunday, we go to church.


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Get Up Shower 650am-730am
Drive to work - 7:30-8:15am
Work 8:15am-5:15pm
Drive back from work 5:15- 6:15pm (traffic is always worse going back)
Run outside usually 4/7 days of the week. 6:30-7:30pm*
Shower 7:30-8:00pm
Dinner 8:00-8:30pm
Then do whatever I want from 8:30-11:30pm usually. Includes usually some Halo some surfing sometimes watching some anime etc.

*Note if I am not running then I usually eat dinner and keep the rest of the night free.

That is Mon-Fri give or take a run.

I usually do not go out Fridays but I will stay up a bit later.

Saturdays I head out and drink. Sunday usually I take care of whatever errands I have been putting off during the week. If I don't have many errands I head to my cousin's house and have dinner at their house.

Give or take that has been my schedule since tax season ended. I am hoping that it starts to change dramatically whenever I move out...The fact that I don't have any free time until 830pm really is starting to bother me. Ideally eliminating most of my commute time is what I am shooting for.