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Whats your Bankai?



Whats your Bankai? Name? Discription?

I havent thought of mine yet lol :p


I think my Bankai technique would be called System Rupture. In my Bankai form, my speed increases dramatically and have enhanced hand-to-hand combat capabilites. With superb hand-to-hand skills I'm able to disable a person's body function by hitting certain pressure points in the body.


i would be another dual wielder of zanpactous and their names would be Kurgami and Kurayami (which mean darkness) and my bankai would be that i would be able to travel through the shadows, for instance, i can jump into the shadow of a tree or something and pop out of a persons shadow.


Musician of the B.W.
my bankai would be a huge bladed sword. its name is zushikikato, and its special attack would be a dark flare that is executed be swinging the blade in a triangular fashion causing the air around it to start to heat, and in the middle an orb of dark energy would form. after its formed i would take the sword and strike it to cause major damage.


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Zanpakto Name- Zanshin
Call- "Rise, my metal god. Zanshin No Kurogane!"
Form- Becomes an enourmous living sword. The sword can attack on it's own will, and has the ability to stretch out like a monster, and retain it's sharpness. As a special attack the demon is thrown out of the sword in the shape of a blade, and explodes in a poisounous dark gas upon contact along with inflicting damage.