What's wrong with seeing someone wearing the underwear?

Didn't know there was. Although, seeing as I live in Britain I suspect it's a case of 'that guy must be a nutter, it's freezing', etc.

Personally, this sort of thing doesn't bother me. I seen some people with the undies on, and even happened to pass by when somebody in the nude was going by. It made me laugh. This sort of thing would usually makes me laugh, as opposed to making me angry. Unless some guy decided to come and shake his plums in my face.

I suspect that the norm for our society is to cover yourself up, not sure why, but wads of people find nudity and exposure offensive. Perhaps they think the culprit is boasting his/her assets or making a massive deal out of how much freedom they seem to have and utilise - maybe that, but in the end, I have no idea. Some people are obviously morons.