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Whats worse than telemarketers?


Registered Member
Door-to-door salesman!!!

AT least I can just hang up on telesales and they are GONE FOREVER.

UGH. I am SO SICK of them beating on my door. At least once or twice a week someone tries to sell me something.

I live on main street (well, next to main street) and how my house is situated you can see it for like 6 blocks, plus a big circle drive (which I HATE) apparently makes it prime picking if you want to sell something.

These guys don't just stop at my house next, they stop SPECIFICALLY for my house!! I had 2 meat salesman in a week, several fruit salesman, and just a min ago, I had some guy, not from my area (cuz he said he "chose to come here cuz MO was someplace he'd never been" Sad statement on reality).

I don't know what he was going to try to sell me, but I have a feeling it was magazines for "scholarships". Here's an idea. If you can say "would you like fries with that" then you can have a better job!!

I stood there and was polite for a min, then realized I did NOT want to be there so I said "I'm not interested, I'm working right now". The guy looked like I kicked him in the dangly bits. sheeesh.

I'm sick of it! So I immediately printed a big sign, which I'm embarassed to have to put on my front door but I'm tired of ppl coming here. It says "Absolutely NO SOLICITING (yes this means you too, so don't bother trying).

So of course, someone will come to the door, and you know, that gives me the right to just not answer or just point to the sign next time.




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Where I am we never have do deal with door to door sales people. You can always send them this was and my dogs can lick them to death :lol:


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What i really hate is when kids come to the door selling expensive JUNK for school fundraisers. I can't say no, so i end up with STUPID expensive JUNK.


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I hate the fact that the school has them doing it and tells them they will get prizes if they sell sell sell. I don't let my participate in them


what? no pink?
I'm the same way. My daughter is only 5 and she had to do one for her ballet class. I was like no way is my child doing that. So I got stuck with buying some stuff just so she didn't go back empty handed LOL actually my mother and sister bought some too so it wasn't so bad. I would never let her go around door to door to do that.


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The school here sends them out 6 or 7 times a year and I have never seen any benifit for the kids. They will say it's for new playgound equipment or new this or that and then it never happens. I know that one was to have 'The Reptial Man' come out, but even then they charged people to get in. Could have gone and seen a movie with the WHOLE family for less!!


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momtobrenna said:
What i really hate is when kids come to the door selling expensive JUNK for school fundraisers. I can't say no, so i end up with STUPID expensive JUNK.

Sell it on eBay :D We get nobody....not even Jehovah witnesses (and yup big circle driveway too)

I just wouldn't answer the door even if they did come. Anyone I care to see just usually rings the bell and then walks in anyway (or they have a key) Hell I don't answer the door for my FIL why would I for a salesman? :lol: