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What's with cell phone


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I've always seemed to be about 3-5 years behind modern technology. When people started buying cell phones with picture capability I didn't want it, but eventually I didn't have any choice since it was hard to find a phone without it. Next was MP3 capability, didn't want it will never use it, but eventually I had to get it just because I could find a good phone without it. I've had the same phone for almost 3 years now and have never even turned on the MPS device, I don't even know how except that their is a play and stop button on the phone. Now its touch screen phones which are more like computers than phones. I don't need one, and I don't want one, but what I really don't understand is why people are paying upwards of 500-600 dollars for a phone that all they use to talk on and useless applications. That does not count the 100-150 dollar bill each month. They have become a status symbal or a statement. If your running a business, that i understand, but some teenager or adult that works at some mondane job. Why have cell phones, which are so high tech that they serve no practicle usefull uses become so popular. Why are people willing to spend so much on them, when there are so many more important things to spend your money on.


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With the whole money factor, if you are with a particular company for a certain amount of time, their not the listed price. Whenever I bought my Droid Eris, it was listed at 599.99.. yet I paid 179.99 for mine during my upgrade period.

..and you say some of these new things are useless. The new I-phones have the capability to have both parties be able to see each other. This can be handy in conference calls instead of spending how much to buy just a new computer with webcam capability.


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When cell phones first came out, they were to be used mostly for when one was traveling, and if they should break down, they would be able to call for help.
Then as we seen, technology moved us a little farther with them~
Now, it's further yet......now we can text, send videos, send emails and whathaveyou with our cell phones.
Next thing they will come out with, will be a cell phone that can drive our damn cars for us....but wait, I think some cars already do that *ugh*