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What's with all these hoods in the hizzy?


Lion Rampant
And why aren't SS and CO in this pic?

Oh, just one more thing, ma'am:

The late President Omar Bongo, father of Gabon's current head Ali Bongo, was one of the wealthiest heads of state in the world, despite his country's tiny size, with this attributed primarily from the benefits of oil revenue and alleged corruption.

In 1999, an investigation by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on investigations into Citibank estimated that the Gabonese President held US$130 million in the bank's personal accounts, money the Senate report said was "sourced in the public finances of Gabon".

In 2005, an investigation by the United States Senate Indian Affairs Committee into fund raising irregularities by lobbyist Jack Abramoff revealed that Abramoff had offered to arrange a meeting between U.S. President George Bush and Bongo for the sum of US$9 million. Though it is unproven as to whether or not that exchange took place, Bush met with Bongo 10 months later in the Oval Office.

Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling recently had some racially-tinged comments to make about Bongo's son's visit to the White House (which wannabe ghettomeister Bolling mockingly called the "Hizzouse") earlier this month. The money show host (?) referred to Ali Bongo Ondimba, the current Gabonian President as well as President of the UN Security Council, as a "hood," editing his picture to make "bling" appear to flash from his mouth. Bolling was the same lovely chap who sneered at part-Irish President Obama's sharing of a pint with locals in a pub in Ireland a few weeks ago, scoffing that the President was "chugging forties," like that wasn't a racist thing to say, as if Bolling has ever said "forties" in his life when he wasn't making fun of black people.

So, here's my question: given that the elder, infinitely more corrupt Bongo had met with George Bush AFTER he was widely known to be stealing food from his people's mouths, is Eric Bolling a liar and a hypocrite, or just massively ignorant about history and the duties of a head of state?


still nobody's bitch
B. Massively ignorant about history and the duties of heads of states.

That would be the lesser of two evils.

And CO & SS are not in that picture because neither of them have ever posted a pic of themselves.