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What's with all the perverted freaks in chat rooms?


I ♥ Haters
Okay, so I've been off school for the past week, and I was devastatingly bored. So, I thought it would be a fun way to pass the time (as I am a talkative soul lol) by visiting a chat room. I browsed Google and I found 'Chat Avenue' It has a ton of different rooms - eg. Gay Chat, Adult Chat, General Chat, College Chat etc etc. So anyways, I pick general chat and signed in with my user name. In less than 5 minutes, I got 4 private messages - 3 of the 4 asking if I "fancied a hot chat" and the 4th one inquiring about my gender. After i closed the private chat windows, I got another PM from someone, who was looking for a BDSM relationship. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out. I checked to make sure I wasn't in an "Adult" themed chat room which I wasn't because I was chatting in General. Eventually I decided to leave after I kept receiving perverted remarks and a few random insults. I decided to use another chatting service. This time optichat, which I had used back in 2002 as an 8th grader. Anyway, I sign in as Bubbles (as always :D) only this time I wasn't sent a wave of PM, which was a welcoming change. I answer an IM and we have a fairly good conversation - discussing our hobbies, favorite music, movies etc. In fact, he sounded like a really nice guy until he asked how big a certain portion of my body was completely out of the blue. LOL! As if that was the most natural thing in the world to ask. The douchebag even tried to debate me on it when I challenged his sanity. I received 2 more IMs while I was arguing with this ass-hat. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were girls. I was like "Finally! Someone whose not gonna act like a pervert." Oh, what a fool I was.... Turns out they were just lesbians looking for a 'fun time.' After throwing up, I decided to block them and delete them off my contact list. So, after 2 hours of nothing but disrespectful assclowns who have nothing better to do than fuck around with strangers on the net, I decided to call it a day.

In short, I don't see why its impossible for people to have a decent intellectual conversation with others without having to mention body parts as soon as they figure out your gender? Actually, I did some experimenting. I went back to chat avenue and signed in as 'Bobbyboy' and guess what? No messages for a good 15 minutes. When I got one it was a perfectly decent conversation. So why is it, that when a girl goes into a chat room, she is floored with every sick fetish under the sun? I mean these people wouldn't talk to me like that to my face, so what makes them big mack daddies all of a sudden? :rolleyes:
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The internet is the great equalizer. In a chat room the 90 pound nerd who spends 12 hours a day playing World of Warcraft can be whoever he wants, and they plan to use the anonymity of the Internet to their advantage for sure. Where there is little in the way of being held accountable for your words, of course you're going to lose your inhibitions and ask every person you "think" is a female to "cyber".

That's the era we live in though; unchecked sexual deviance through the means of anonymity.


Sally Twit
You threw up?

The Internet is full of perverted people. They can hand behind their anonymity and discuss things with people they couldn't do easily in person. Not easy to find people that share the same fetishes as you in many cases.
I'm shocked that you didn't know this happened in chat rooms. You picked the right place here if you want to have 'normal' conversations anyway. GF also has a chat room.


A Darker Knight
Dude, perverts are the easiest people to mess with on the internet, that is, if you're in the mood. ;)


yellow 4!
Yeah, sorry to say it but I am not in the least bit surprised. The world is full of horny guys (and girls) who use the internet for porn and/or cyber sex. And unstructured/unmoderated chat rooms with no rules or limits on that kind of thing are the number one place to find them.

ysabel (member here) and I used to go in the yahoo chat rooms just for a laugh sometimes. I always found it funny how they have different rooms labelled with the different subjects which are meant to be discussed, but no matter if it's pottery or mechanics or whatever, you'll always get the same old 'gender?' 'cyber?' 'gender? cyber?' private message upon entering.

And as the others said: anonymity is the key.


Haters gonna hate.
I don't use chatrooms for the exact reason that you just described. There are indeed sick, sick people in those rooms regardless of their topics. The only chatroom that I enter here, if at all, is the one here at GF.


I ♥ Haters
I'm shocked that you didn't know this happened in chat rooms.
Haha, I knew it happened, but I didn't think that everyone in there would be a pervert. I'm thinking it's probably all them lonely losers that one talks to at school, kinda like the posters on 4chan which btw happens to be lowest of the low in human society especially /b/ *shudders* Never again will I click a link that one of my drunk friends has sent me :sick:


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/b/ Is a respectable community of paedophiles, necrophiles, Beastialiy enthusiasts, incest enthusiasts, scat fetishists, rape fetishists, mentally dysfunctional people, lonely people, hackers, violence enthusiasts, terrorists, fascists and all kinds of other thins too. Now are you saying that these people are the lowest of the low in society?


Endangered Species
The internet provides anonymity and it provides it to a lot of people. The two combined human naivety and stupidity results in the experiences you have witnessed.

If you want intellectual conversation you wont find it in an open chat room. Sure it might exist but you will have to trawl through the other 99.99% of rubbish to find it.

You picked the right place here if you want to have 'normal' conversations anyway. GF also has a chat room.
Chatting with you Bliss is anything but "normal".


It's not me, it's you.
Yeah, it's pretty terrible. Just don't ever visit chat roulette. That one has webcams. you don't even want to see what's on there.

Also, when I am in chat, I will now make it a point to hit on you constantly and ask for lesbian sex.