Whats up?

Hey everyone, new to this, (obviously right?) just thought i'd introduce myself to you all. Just call me Smokin. Soon to be 20 year old, female, currently living in Tucson Arizona. Unfortunately. Other than that, i just came here because i had an imparticular question to ask, and will probably have more in the future. I plan to take full advantage of this forum and everyone in it. Well that's about it i think, glad to be here with you all.



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Nice to meet you, Smokin. Welcome to the site.

Do you have any specific interests? How did you find us? Seee you around.


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^ does not roast

< roasts


How do you feel about living in Tucson? I was there not too long ago and thought it was a nice, laid-back little town in the exact middle of absolute fuck-all.


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^ Lies to friends (just now lied to you about me not having smoked)

< Exposes lies.

Welcome to Total Drama Isl- I mean, General Forum!

Seriously though, just surf around and find what you like and post! People are very friendly on and off the forum! Oh and be prepared for some debauchery, it happens.