What's up?


Ant On A Log

Just found it.

A little more...I'm almost 18, I just graduated high school and live in Louisiana.


A Darker Knight
dude. that is one awesome site. I've always wanted a virtual stapler, but now I have 3!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!

and oh yeah. can't forget to tag on the "welcome"

Ant On A Log

Dr. Fresh said:
Please introduce yourself a little better :D

Welcome to this site.
Thanks, mane.

Well, let's see...what can i do to introduce myself better. I have a little brother. He's 15 and about to be a sophomore in high school. I enjoy vacationing in New York (which I am doing right now). I have an Italian and Ukranian background with very ethnic grandparents. I enjoy the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, but I don't really like Fox News. Bill O'Reilly makes me giggle and lesbians are cool with me.

Anything else?


For a Free Scotland
Haha, this man likes his satirical news programs. Hope you are a good addition to the Fusion-Central community. Early signs are optimistic.

Well you're active in your own intro thread, and I've seen a couple of your posts in MD, and so far I've got to say that things are looking good. Welcome, and hopefully you'll continue this trend of frequent quality posts.


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums, I am glad that you've decided to join, and hopefully you'll become an active member here at Fusion Central, enjoy yourself and post as much as you can without spamming of course.