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What's up with that. Warning:Spoilers



So Ichigo is finally realizing and accepting his inner hollow. He's even gone to the Vizzados to go and learn to control it, but they're making him face it instead. So, who do you think will win this round? It LET ichigo beat him during the fight with Kenpachi, but will he be able to beat it one on one for control of his body? dun dun dun. Your thoughts?


Whew that is a tough one. The first body control conflict was pretty interesting, but Ichigo did put up a good fight the first time around. Realistically, it's hard to decide.


hmmm...i think that he'll probably beat it...although during the fight to gain control he might get bloodied up alot but the final outcome i would probably say he'll succeed. what i really wanna see though is the vizzards in action. they're a cool group of new characters so far from what i can see..and i wanna see how strong ishida gets after retraining with his dad