Whats up with Isiah?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Gustavo, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Im acually starting to feel sorry for him. Really I am. Although i hated him as a player, i think he got what he deserved. Someone please fire him so he can enjoy his life somewhere in vacation spending all his money.
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    Listen guys you can't beleive everything you read. Some people are out there just to make money and they don't care what lives they ruin along the way. Reme,ber the Kobe Bryant situation. Isiah has made bad decisions as a General Manager so far, but he's such a competetor that I am sure he'll change everything around. He kinda found out that you can't win with money. You got to find guys who wants to play hard for you. It took him time to find it out but I am sure he's not too late for the big turnaround.
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    Im not a fan of Isiah, he was a good player, but dirty player. I dont really like him, and so does many. And Vince Carter, im sure he can turn around but not in NY. There is no solution. They are over 120 million on cap space. I see your a fan of Isiah's.
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    Not a big fan of him but I gotta say "Whata idiot"

    He is a dirty player and should be fired

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