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What's up with Blockbuster?


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I know that I may be a little late on this one, but does anybody here know what's up with Blockbuster? They're doing this new thing like "no late fees" or something, and at first I thought it was a joke, but it seems that it's actually serious. My question is, if blockbuster isn't charging late fees, then how do they still stay in business? How the hell would they get their stuff back on time, or EVER for that matter? And if they let people keep stuff as long as they want, then wouldn't that disadvantage the people who want to borrow the same movies and games and stuff next? Isn't that the whole reason why that rule exists, to make sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to borrow their desired items?

Really, I can't imagine how such a system would work, or why they would be doing it for that matter. I hope to God that they're not doing this just to out-compete their competitor rental stores. That would so suck if they were diminishing the quality of their service just to have an edge on the other places. Makes me woozy just thinking of the possibility.

So does anyone have some answers?


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I believe you sill have a set ammount of time to return the movie before you have to return it or you have to pay for it in full

blockbuster is also now doind the "netflix" thing, where you can have the movies sent to you


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Well I think that it is fair that they have ' no late fees' policy. It just lets other people borrow the videos that they want.


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They are elimitating late fees, but if you still have the movie or game that you rented, 7 days after your due date, then the cost of that movie or game will be turned into a sale. You can still return the movie or game within 30 days of your due date, but you will receive you money back minus a restocking fee.

So just because late fees are gone does not mean that will not make any money. You still have to pay for the rental of the movie or game.

More information can be found on this at http://www.blockbuster.com/corporate/displayFAQDetails.action?faqId=1090566