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Whats up everybody!


New Member
Hey everybody, my names David. I'm from Montreal. I'm a die hard Habs,Red Sox,Seahawks,Impact and Italian national team fan! Im from Italian origin, but a very very proud Montrealer. Its my personal (and biased) belief that Montreal is the greatest city in Canada. Looking forward to contributing to the forums and enjoying the wide world of sports with all you guys!

Go Habs Go!!


The return shall be legenday!
Welcome man! Always have sports fans who follow multiple sports join this place. As I was telling you we're fairly new here so the activity will fluctuate but what we do have here is good content here, and I'm hoping you can add more to it. Looking forward to discussing and debating with you very soon. Cheers


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
First off, I'd like to say that I really love that Carlton Banks avatar. He's one of my favorite television characters of all-time.

Also, I'm a huge Habs fan myself, so me and you will agree on a lot of things hockey related. But, other than Lynch, I hate the Seahawks.

Thanks for joining, and I'll see you around the forums.


rainbow 11!
Welcome! Do you play video games?