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What's the worst thing someone has ever done to you?


Problematic Shitlord
I don't mean for this thread to be traumatizing or anything but it is intended to be a personal question.

For me, it's being purposefully forgotten. Nothing has ever hurt me more in my life than being completely written off, like I was just a cigarette or something else easily discarded and walked over. It also came from a person I would have never expected to do so in all my years alive so far. It's taking everything I have to keep from losing my mind whenever that person appears in my head. I'll never forgive them for this because of how cold and uncaring they've been and I've never felt something so painful.



Sultan of Swat
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The only thing I can think of at the moment is this. I was in the city bus coming back from a trip from Montreal. I was just shooting the shit with my friends and minding my own business. When I get off the bus this girl comes up to me and says to me that my friend thinks your cute and wants you to call her(she was in the bus) so she hands me a piece of paper with a phone number.

Two days later I decide to call her and when I did, it was the number for the City Bus. I was more pissed then anything else because I didn't try to pick this girl at all or anything. She just picked a random guy, which was me to give a fake number too.


It was after shop class one day of jr. high, and I was carrying a birdhouse I had built for a final project around with me so I could take it home. Someone from the class caught up with me and asked how I did on the project. So I started going on about how I got an "A" and I was really proud of it and I did it all by myself and I was the only 7th grader in the class and I got one of this only 3 "A"s.

I wasn't bragging...but I was proud.

He then says:

"Cool! Can I see it?!"

So I happily let him examine my masterpiece. He turns it over a few times...

...then raises it above his head and smashes it to the ground with all his might.

And then he laughs. He walks away...just laughing.

Fucking dick.


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Writing a friend off!? :( That DEF s**ks! But i dont think someone like that is even worth feeling hurt about. The people that REALLY matter are TRUE friends. :nod:
Well, i've never had anything that bad happen (yet) or had weird girls playing weird games like that but my brother really pissed me off! We were wrestling once when we were little and he had me pinned down. I had to piss and he wouldn't let me up. Well, i pissed anyway and I knew i'd def get it for that! Then he was gonna help me (yeah, right) and told me to hide in the bush and give him my wet clothes. He was gonna bring me some dry ones (yeah, right) and never did! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! :mad:

Smashed your birdhouse!? That was def a ****ing dick!
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When someone doesn't believe me when I tell the truth, accuses me of being a liar.
It pisses me off, but it also hurts, knowing someone....especially someone close to me...doesn't believe me, or in me.

And from my own daughter, she told me not too long ago that I have never been supportive of her, never been there for her and never done anything for her.
My reply was "Excuse me, wtf do you think I've been doing for the past 6 years??"
She blames me for losing her daughter..and I do have guilt, I admit..but she's the one that chose the path she's leading, not me.
Even tho I get very angry at her for saying those things....it hurts me deeply too~


The worst thing I can think of so far is when my ex-best friend started talking and inventing stupid things about me and my family, behind my back.
Me and her have been very close, for many years and I never had had doubts about her until someone proved that she was being and utter liar, telling ridiculous nonsense to all our common friends.

This doesn't hurt me anymore but I was very shocked when I first knew about all this mess.


Broke my heart. Sure, I've had other bad stuff done to me by lots of different people and they all sucked, but nothing like this. It's awful when you give everything you have, especially emotionally and they decide one day to just shit on you. I won't go into specifics but a broken heart is definitely the worst thing that has been done to me so far in my 25 years.


yellow 4!
First thing that comes to mind is when my brother stole money from me a few years ago. It was a lot, too - around £250/$400. I told my mum how much I thought had gone missing and the only 2 possibilities were my brother or our cleaner. So we confronted Will and he denied it. Then later he left me a long note in the kitchen and left home for a few days because he was so ashamed. It hurt a lot at the time because me and my brother are really close and if he was in trouble and needed it, he should have just asked me to borrow it no matter how much. Also, the fact that it was well hidden in my room and he would have had to have searched around for it a lot made me uncomfortable.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Cons, I totally understand what you mean. I've had tons of friends over the years, and a lot besides core people ended up using college (or time after) to just fade out. Some are still in touch on facebook but practically ignore me, even former co-workers that had felt like family at times.

My personal answer would have to be something involving an ex-girlfriend. The last girl I've gone out with, in fact...it was a pretty long time ago, about 9 years. She broke up with me (at the time I was starting college 2 hours away, and we had tried the long-distance thing but it didn't work out for her). After the fact, we still spent a ton of time together, talking, etc. There was still a physical side to things, and we did sleep together two or three more times. When I would confront her to see if she still had feelings (because I sure as hell did), she would get frustrated and practically offended. Still, I kept holding out hope...but it gradually faded away. I joked that it had made me feel like a human sex toy, lol. My friends and I all stayed friends with her, and she ended up dating another friend in our group. And kept it from me...I eventually heard she was being hostile about it and saying that it was "none of my damn business." I would have been fine with it, to be honest, and still am (they're married and we're still all casual friends). What sucked was that I thought I noticed something between them but felt like a jealous ass that couldn't get over his ex who was imagining things.

Everything added up just sucked, because I've always had the reputation of being a genuinely compassionate and loyal guy, but still I was treated like dirt. Maybe she was truly confused about her feelings or having trouble with ending the relationship, and maybe she kept things from me because she thought it was in my best interests. I don't know.

So all of the leading me on and later deception really hurt. Forgive and forget, though. I did.


Better Call Saul
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I would have to say one of my ex-girlfriends. We went through a lot and kept coming back to each other because we "loved" each other.

We dated off and on for about two years. She admitted to me the first time we went out that she cheated on me. For some reason we ended up getting back together and broke up. Then she came to visit me in college and we decided to date again. We went through a lot. There is no single person I shared as much with than her. Emotionally, physically, whatever.

We put everything behind us and were doing awesome. Then she breaks up with me via email saying that she found someone she liked at work better. When I tried to call her to discuss she wouldn't answer. She would only talk to me via messenger. It was a really shitty way to end a 2 two year relationship and it hurt me for a long time.