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What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?


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'if you lost a bit of weight you'd be really fit'

yeah i know..not even a chat up line or compliment, but i have had it used on me in a bar! lol , fricking wierdo


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"My friend thinks you're cute..."
I F-ing hate that, I'd like to think we are all adults once of age to go out to bars and clubs. Yet that thought process is very obviously flawed.


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I'm ashamed to say I said this one
"You, me *imitates explosion*"


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yeaaahhhh hehe.well saying that, if a guy said that to me id think it was quite sweet and a good effort, its better than most crap guys come out with! ha have u heard me *flutters eyelashes*


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Two weeks I was out with mate and my ex and she bought along her friend and my mate goes "Can I have a bandaid?" the girl looks at him all confused and she's like :S Why? and he responds with "Because I've scrapped my knee falling for you". I did nothing but laugh at her expression. They decided to stay friends ahah


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Is your last name Gillette? Because you're the best a man could have.

I don't remember where I heard that one but obviously, it's stupid. :lol:


A friend of mine: I'd like to buy you a drink, but I want to know if it's worth it first.

Me: (slurring) I didn't notice before, but you're actually kinda pretty. (Oh, yeah, you're sure, are you..). Let me look closer.

Girls don't really have much trouble, though, do they..


"What time is it?"

"Can you find my coat for me?"

"Do you have a light?"

"Let me fix that for you."

"Does this perfume smell nice?"

"Good morning."

"Nice weather, isn't it".


'Is this seat taken?' when there four other untaken barstools next to it. I just say this seat will be open if you sit


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Most funny pickup been done on you.

What has been the funny stories of a random person picking you up.

Was it funny, romantic? etc
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I went in a club one night and spotted a friend of mine with a female friend of his. I went over to say hello to my mate who introduced me to the girl, who then proceeded to grab me and kiss me very passionately and inform me I was going home with her. I didn't argue with that I can tell you.