What's the weather like over there?


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This is where we can talk about the current weather (temp/precip/cloud cover etc.) in your area. If want, you can give a general description of your regions normal climate.

Living in New England, we have cold-hearted winters and hot, muggy, humid summers, rainy springs, and really nice autumns. Since recently though, we haven't had much show in the past two winters and our summers have been getting more muggy and hot. It's horrible.

Right now it's 1:42 a.m. and it's about 62 with the humidity of 80%, but for some reason it's hot as balls right now in my house even with the central air and fans. I got some major balls to the wall and swamp ass action going on right now.


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Right now in Missouri it's 12:45 and is 75-80 degrees and 80% humidity. All week it's supposed to be like 100+ degrees. It was like 90 degrees Saturday and I had BB practice. We practiced for 2 hours I was just about dead afterwards.


Here in Indiana it is dreadfully hot. It's dark now but before dark it was really gray.

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Here in Hobart it's 4pm and it's chilly cloudy, and been raining off and on for the last few minutes.


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The weather around here varies. In the morning, it's SOOOOO cold, and I have school :( but during the day, it's sunny, if God is having a good day, raining when God is pissed off. Bless him. We need water here.


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It's thundering outside but no rain yet, plus that nice cool breeze that blows before the rain right about now is quite refreshing. The sky is gray but it's still bright outside.

I wanna go and play some basketball out in my backyard right about now....it's cool enough too T_T