What's the site where it tells you someone's IP address, their location...


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-what browser they're using, etc?

Usually people have a widget from that site in their signature on forums. It has a guy in a hat, holding up a sign..

I forgot what site it was and stupidfuck here didn't bookmark it:/

I need it because someone on AIM is bothering me, and I think I'll be able to know who it is if I get their location.

And before anyone says "block the person", I've done this. He/she just makes another screen name, so yeah.
If it helps...I don't think you need the person's IP address to begin with.
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w w w.danasoft.com


w w w.whois.net if you have their IP. :)

Without the spaces, i haven't got over 15 posts so can't post proper links. :)