What's the oldest song you like?


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Excluding classical, what's the oldest piece of music that you enjoy listening to? For me it's probably 1899's "Glorious Beer," as recorded by a popular singer of the day by the name of Dan W. Quinn. (And no, smartasses, I didn't buy a copy when it first came out.)

Beer, beer, glorious beer,
Fill yourself right up to here;
Drink a good deal of it, make a good meal of it,
Stick to your old-fashioned beer.
Now don't be afraid of it, drink 'til you're made of it,
Now altogether it's clear;
Up with the sale of it, down with a pail of it,
Glorious, glorious beer!

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1938, The Nearness of You.

If I remember a song older than this, I'll update my answer later.
Ode to Joy maybe? It really starts getting into classical and traditional stuff when you talk oldest songs

EDIT: Opps, missed the no classical bit

I get a Kick out of You - Frank Sinatra
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Too be honest, the oldest song I listen to is probably from the 50's and 60's, but I'm the kind of person who can never remember the name of the songs or the bands :( I suck!