What's the most writing you've lost?


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Computers are handy for writing. The only problem is a typewriter won't jam up and not be able to save your file. Then again you can't easily make backups when your only copies are on paper.

I'm sure we've all lost work due to computer errors and whatnot.

What's the most you've ever lost? Are we talking pages, chapters? Entire books?

I save and backup so often that I can't even remember the last time I lost a good deal of writing.

I don't think I've ever lost more than 5-10 pages max at once.


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well, I was lucky because the latest draft of my musical (at the time) was emailed to a bunch of people RIGHT before my hard drive crashed. I did lose a years worth of essays and short stories though. and about 6 months worth of comics and formatting stuff. :-/
Probably only about 10 minutes of typing. The computer went black and restarted, and all my work was loss! I was so annoyed.

I think computers know this and do this to get their jolly's off. If they have jolly's...


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I had a 10 page typed essay for my final in English 9th grade year, everything was put together perfectly.

I clicked to print in Microsoft word... it doesn't print, so I click print again... doesn't do it, now I'm really mad. I Ctrl+Alt+Del and instantly I get the Blue error message screen that we're all familiar with. I was like "NOOOOOO"!!!!!

I had to rewrite my entire paper that night before the final and I didn't get any sleep at all, luckily I passed but my grade was terrible especially when you consider that i had spend a lot of time in preparation for this test.

That was a really bad day.


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On another site I once lost a PM chockablock with meticulously detailed erotic notions that had taken about two hours to string together. By the time I reconstructed and sent it my ladylove of the time had toddled off to Nod and I was left with a stinging case of the blueboys.

As to losing a serious writing project or substantial portion thereof, that ain't gonna happen. Too mistrustful of the equipment am I to expose the product of my blood and tears to that kind of stomach-dropping technological mishap.

Knock wood...


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I almost lost 4 pages worth of a chapter once, the power went and i freaked! But luckily Word has that back-up thing :)


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I can't remember having lost anything on the computer ever. But maybe that's because I'm kind of a backup freak. I click on "save" every two minutes. And after every long part, I send the file to myself on email, for that another backup is on the mail server.
Pretty smooth sailing here too. I always save often and haven't ever had an unrecoverable crash. Think I lost a small essay in school once from a rogue deletion but nothing major. I've probably lost more text from accidently closing tabs and clicking links when typing out posts/forms, than anything else!


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I ctrl-s every few minutes so I have never lost anything directly. Most would be a paragraph or so. I for the life of me don't know where I put the occasional disk for safe keeping....or my old favourite is forgetting where I saved it to.

I have still yet to(or recently tried) recover my old hard drive that failed to boot about 4 years ago, I have a lot of stuff on that.

I back-up'd my hard drive before formatting recently only to find some of the zipped-up back ups were corrupted beyond recovery, I was gutted I lost so much work, mainly notes but also a lot of photos.