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What's the MOST Rediculous Thing You've Sold On eBay?


Registered Member
We are all familiar with eBay as being a place where anyone can sell just about anything.

Some people have bought and sold some pretty outrageous items on eBay - and made a few bucks off it in the process.

What is the most outrageous item you have bought/sold on eBay and how much did you get for your item(s)?

I have sold a few strange items in my day.

The first one was a piece of toast with the image of the Beer Looter Dude carved on it. For those who are not familiar with the Beer Looter Dude, click here for some of his images. This auction was pulled by eBay because they have a policy about selling food items. I had to rephrase the auction description as a "piece of art on a whole wheat canvas" just to abide by their policy. This auction sold for close to $40 and was featured on several auction websites.

I also posted an auction for a sock containing $9.83 and a Half Eaten Bagel. I ended up selling it for over $17 + shipping.

eBay can be a fun place to get rid of your unmentionable items as well as stir up some fun online.

What have you bought or sold on eBay lately?