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What's The Longest Time?


Registered Member
In the mudslide/ earthquake thread I started in an answer I just put brought the up idea about this... What's the longest time you lived in any 1 location..

Example the residence I live in now is the longest 46 years..
Where and how long did you live in one place?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I guess I've lived where I'm at now the longest, about 24 years just not in the same house.


Registered Member
I lived with my parents,in the same house they are still in now for 28 years, they moved in when I six weeks old, it was a brand new housing estate and funnily enough the house they moved into was also the last house that my father worked on before the contract ended.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've been in my house since October of 2010 but the longest I was anywhere was with my parents and their house.

From when I was about 3 years old until I was 27. So 24 years there although I did leave for college during that time frame.


Registered Member
By the time I was 14 I had lived in 9 or 10 places and the longest was 3 years. We moved again when I was 14 into the house I lived in the longest which was 7 years. All those houses except the first one I lived in were within about 20 miles of the same town. I have lived in my current house for nearly 3 years, and hopefully I will be here for a few more years yet.


Well-Known Member
I'm coming up on 8 years in the same home. Before that I lived in several different houses in another state and then a few other homes in other various states (yeah, that's ambiguous, I know :lol:)

It's weird for me to think that I've been here the longest. I still vividly remember two of my childhood homes and could show you where everything was kept in the house, where we had certain pictures hanging, family heirlooms, kitchen utensils, etc.


Registered Member
Up until I was 12 I lived in my parents house that my dad still lives in.

When I was 12 my mum left my dad and us kids moved with my mum but I stayed with dad every second weekend.

In my adult life the longest I have lived in the 1 house was 4 years.


Registered Member
I grew up in the one suburb and home, and only left when I got married in my mid 20s, so I guess that'd be the longest. Since then I've moved houses 3 times and suburbs 2 times.


Ms. Malone
I've lived where I am most of my life, just not in the same house. We moved away some years after my parents divorced and moved back about two years later.

There's no place like home :)


Registered Member
Ive lived in 3 different places but where Im living now is the longest and thats about 9 years.