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What's the last meal you cooked. ?


Registered Member
Melted cheese on toast for me, With chopped onion. :D


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Last night made some Beef Stew with carrots and potato slices, perfect meal after working a long. At least, I think so:nod:



I am the woolrus
There wasn't much food in and i was making dinner for everyone, so i threw together a spaghetti dish (with tomato sauce, salad cream and grated cheese as pasta sauce as there wasn't any in)

it went down a treat and everybody thought the pasta sauce was absolutely fantastic, which was quite a surprise to say the least! :p


Oh, poppycock.
I cooked my boyfriend and I breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas.


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The last meal i cooked was Christmas dinner,and it was very nice.
Since then we have either been at my mums or a friends for dinner.

Christmas Dinner was Turkey crown,a small beef joint,ham cooked in cider,roast potato's,chunky mixed veg and Yorkshire pudding,and a cheesecake for after's.


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I cooked some eggs this afternoon, I put them in a tortilla, added some shredded bacon, and had a pretty awesome lunch.

It's actually a pretty awesome recipe I'd recommend it to anybody who likes eggs.


Lion Rampant
I made a peasant's breakfast of scrambled eggs and kielbasa, rounded off with a cheese Danish and a glass of milk. Didn't need a lunch after that.


I've been cooking up lunchmeat in cheese, hot sauce, mushrooms, and jalapenos then putting them between four slices of bread (thats just because its very wet and goes through the bread a tortilla would be better), those are pretty good.