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What's the last feel-good song you heard?


Lion Rampant
I'm interested. For the purposes of this thread, you can interpret "feel-good song" any way you want.

Also, doesn't this one* have a peppy vibe? Sparks is a vastly underrated band.

YouTube - Moustache - Sparks

*does not count toward 'last heard'


aka ginger warlock
I was just in town and walking past many pubs. Despite the horribleness of the person singing it I head "Chelsea Dagger" being sung and it just made my instantly happy :)


still nobody's bitch
I was listening to Bob Seger's Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser last night because I was kind of upset by some text messages that I got, so I put on one of my favorite feel-good albums, Live Bullet.


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Problematic Shitlord

It's a metal song but it pumps me up and makes me feel like I've actually accomplish things during the day.
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