Movies What's the last DVD you bought?


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I think we have several members who collect movies. I'm interested to see what people are buying these days to watch. :D Since I don't go much to the theatres, the ones I buy are often movies I have never seen before and I take that "risk" of owning either a good or crappy film.

Last DVDs I got: Juno and Le Limier (not sure of its English title)

I have just watched Juno so far and while I think it's a good movie, I expected more from it.
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I think the last thing I actually bought was Aeon Flux DVD animated series from LiquidTV when they had it on MTV. Other than that I have a slew of movies but I didn't buy em.


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I just picked up the New remastered Nightmare Before Christmas. I wish they would put out the 3-D version of nightmare.