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What's the last book you read?


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Ok this is pretty simple.

what's the last book that you read?

the last book I read was the Oedipus cycle and if you want to be specific I read the Antigone section of that book.


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I think I have heard of this before, what's it about?
True story about a guy who went to Alaska to live in the wilderness and was eventually found dead. It pretty much says that right on the front cover, so it's not a spoiler.


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Same as Echoes, actually. I finished up Into the Wild a couple of days ago and its easily a top five book.

And I'm hard to impress for books since I read so much.


Son of Liberty
Splinter Cell: Fallout By David Michaels

I really like the series written by Michaels. They still carry the Tom Clancy name, but he doesnt really do much of any writing that I can tell. I've read a couple books by Clancy and to be honest I thought they were sooooo dry! Detail about things I could really care less about... really took away from the excitement of the action when he's explaining what the vapor trail of the Jet hundreds of miles away looks like!


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Animal Farm by George Orwell. Re-read, to be exact, following 1984 before that. It's Orwell season over here. If any one has another Orwell recommendation for me next, I'd appreciate a PM. Thanks!