What's the last auction you won?


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What's the last auction you won on any online auction site?

Mine was a Nintendo 64 videogame for my brother. It's amazing how cheap these things get after a few years. A $50 game cost me about $5. :)

I haven't bought anything lately for myself, but I am going to be looking for some movie posters soon.


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I bought my friend a book on ebay as a gift for her birthday. She is into interior desiging and got her a book called The Atlas of Frank Lloyd Wright. I called the bookstores around this area and they didn't have it and my last hope was Ebay. Can I win her heart? Stayed tuned and find out. :)


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The last Ebay auction that I won was a set of Baby Einstein DVDs for my daughter. We have two of them and she just loves them. She is four months old!


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The last auction I won was for a hat. It was exactly what I had in mind, brand new and at a reasonable price, even when I figured in shipping. I sniped it and got a very good deal.


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A really nice old navy jacket for my daughter. Came to 18 bucks including shipping. Everything i priced in the store was over 30.00. :D SCORE!


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Mine was for a special knitting needle. I paid just a little less than I would have else where (it was new), but it was the only place I could find exactly what I wanted.


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Ohhh, another auction won for my daughter. A baby Gap hooded sweater. $7.00 US including shipping. We don't have any fal jackets for her yet and I love shopping for her on ebay at this age because she is only four months old. Many of the clothes get worn very little at this age. I can think a few outfits my daughter only wore three or four times and already she has outgrown them.