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What's the best way to beat a cold?


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I'm wondering if there's anything you guys do to help fight or beat off a cold. I keep getting sick to often and it take me awhile to get rid of it.
If you have any ideas for me, I'd be willing to try almost anything.


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I haven't gotten sick in ages. *knock on wood* and when I did, I usually just drank pills that beat the cold and slept a lot.


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Like Aleks said, sleep a lot. Get some liquid medicine as well, like Robitusim if they have that where you live. I'm not big on taking medicine though, there's no reason, I just prefer to ride it out but if ny mom buys me something for a cold, I'll always use it.


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I've had one recently. Lots of water/juice. There's also a pill that helped me, it's called rhinofebral here (mix of paracetamol and vit C) especially when I have runny nose, it's gone next day.


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When you get sick your body's fighting allot of germs what your actually feeling is the side effects of germs. Yes you do need lots of vitamin c but that's only going to shorten the cooled you need to make sheer you take all your vitamins to keep your energy up so you can feel normal and still be sick. it also helps to take protein shakes because they have lots of other stuff your body needs not just to fight a cooled but to keep you going and all vitamin b help to.