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what's the best IT community college or technical school in the SF bay area?


New Member
Hi I was wondering if anybody knows the best community college and/or technical school in the bay area to learn computer networking?

A little bit about myself:
My career goal is to hopefully go into network administrator or analyst type job because it's interesting, and I heard it's a really great career to go into. I grew up around computers since the 80's so i think I might be good at it. In junior high thru high school I had computer tech savvy friends(we often played multi-player games via LAN, and had LAN parties, etc. ) we kind of drifted apart as we moved out and pursued different interest in college.. though I never really seriously applied myself in the IT field, I'm willing to give it a shot now that I'm seriously looking for a good career field to go into..

So yeah just a little bit about myself. And also,

...Before anyone says just go for a bachelors in computer science, I can't because I already have a bachelor degree (in an unrelated field) and because of the California budget crisis Calstate universities will not let students pursue 2nd bachelor degree. for me to pursue Master degree in computers is possibly feasible but it's biting off a lot to chew since I'm, for the most part, starting from scratch in IT.. So associate degree program + certifications seems like a more practical goal in my situation.


Registered Member
Most Network Administrator jobs require a bachelors. Certifications on top of that. And work experience.

Just asking, why would they deny a second bachelors? You're the one paying for it... Try moving to another state?


New Member
It's because of the california budget crisis is what I was told. But yeah I wonder if I paid for it and not took out any loans, they would then let me. who knows. I will look into this matter.

another state is an idea.

thanks everyone so far with the advice.

yeah one of my biggest concerns were that an associates + certifications wouldnt be adequate for to succeed in this career..... :stare: