What's that nasty odour?!


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So one day, I was walking down the hallway at school, and all of sudden I was assaulted by some unknown odour! It just shot down my nostrils, gagged my lungs and started shouting out ransom demands. Turns out it was some chick standing at her locker spraying on vapourized puke from some hose.

My biggest pet peeve in highschool was girls (and guys) who would do that kind of shit in the hallways. If you want to make your self smell, why not go to the washroom and do it there, or go stand outside. Its bad enough we have to smell your heavy overdose on yourself, let alone whatever doesn't get on you. I avoided certain areas of the hallways at school because it always reeked with several different flavours.

When I worked at tim hortons, it was always bad too. You'd get these old ladies coming in, who's nostrils I guess were failing them. The whole time I'd be taking their order, I'd be trying my hardest not to gag. It really sucked

So how about yourselves? How much cologne or perfume do you use? Are you constantly thrust into situations where rude perfume slingers are about? Lets hear about it.


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I usually just give my self a quick spray under the arms and across the chest...and maybe over a jumper i haven't slung into the wash yet; i went a bit overboard the other day and made the ferret sneeze though :lol:

The girls after gym used to douse themselves in body sprays and stuff in the changing rooms, i don't like the smells of a lot of bodysprays so that always annoyed me.


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I just do a light spray under the arms and sometimes on my chest or what ever. Sometimes it depends how much I have been doing in the day and if I am sweating a lot.

I hate it when people go over the top with it and that's all you can smell when your around them.


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I very rarely use perfume. My ex used to and we shared the same bathroom, so it would always clash if I tried. I'm just not in the habit of it, so I never think of it anymore.

The worst is when you get those old ladies in an elevator.


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What's that nasty odour?!
It's kdmillz.

Oh wait, this thread isn't in subtalk? :lol:

Seriously now, if you think this is bad it's worse when you go to a ladies restroom. There's a certain part of the day when I don't like going to the restrooms (after lunch and after office). The place is filled with different smells, a mixture of perfumes. It does make the restroom stink less of other undesirable odours, haha.

I think I put enough for me to smell it or anyone close to me. I have enough perfume stock to actually spray all over on a daily basis, but I don't like people around me to pass out from intoxication.

Where I used to sing (group), we have a rule not to put (too much) perfume/cologne especially before a performance because we would be close to each other the entire time. It's also not just a matter of people not appreciating your choice of fragrance, but too much of something can actually cause headache and other negative reactions.
I very very rarely use perfume, I just like the smell of my deodordant :D
Its a little annoying being surrounded by people who have clearly gone way overboard and used heaps of the stuff, but it doesn't bother me all that much. I don't find myself in that situation a lot anyway.


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I've never been bothered my the smells of perfumes. My mom is because it apparently gives her headaches.

The truth is I love some of the smells of perfume. I don't know why, I just do.

What does bother me is the smells of some deodorants. I have a type that does not have a real smell to it (it has a little bit of one, but it's not bad at all like most deodorants.) and that's the only kind I can use. I especially hate most men's deodorants... Or least the way most of them smell with it on. D:

Too sum it up, strong deodorant bothers me just as much as the body odor that it itself is trying to cover up.


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I hate when people wash themselves in cologne. I know exactly what you mean Smelnick about the whole trying not to gag thing. I knew a guy who would go through an entire can of Axe (Lynx to the UK'ers out there) in a week. Needless to say, he was a disgusting human being.


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I thought we had another thread about me for a second there ahah

Perfect example of this happened yesterday when the IT guy sat at my computer, upgraded my computer and left a smell that might have been the reason I had a severe headache.


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What are you talking about? Like some nose breaking fart? Or are we still talking overdosing on deodorant?