What's so wrong with being a virgin?


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This is kind of an explanation of my bad mood to impact, but, please bare with me here.

A lot of you may know I'm 15 years old, and turning 16 in November. Being a freshman in highschool, i'm starting to feel a lot of pressure from my peers about being a virgin. Just today, i was joking around with a kid, and then he starts insulting me about being a virgin, he goes on to say he isnt a virgin, and that he was only 14 years old. I started feeling really insecure, but now i feel really down about it.
Some of us aren't so comfortable with the opposite sex, I know I am. I'm a shy guy even around other guys, how am I supposed to meet girls, or get a girlfriend? Some of us are wiser and choose to wait for the right person to come along, or just nervous.
Why do people think its so wrong to be a virgin?


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Loosing the virginity with less than 17 is kinda gross =\

Enjoy your teen years without the pressure of sex, there is plenty of things to do and explore at that age. Take your time.


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There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. I was a virgin until I was in my 20's. I think it's pretty ridiculous to tease someone about it or to brag about getting laid. Anyone can get laid. Don't worry about it, man.
Who said there is anything wrong with being a virgin Magnum? People will hold whatever they've done to seperate them from you and try to make themselves sound better. Thats just the competitive culture we live in. There's nothing wrong being a virgin, would I want to be a virgin? Hell no! Do I look down on someone that is a virgin? Nope. My best friend is a 21 year old virgin.

Don't let it get to you.


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There's nothing wrong with it. Don't take it seriously man. A lot of the people on the poll aren't even virgins.


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There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. If people make fun of you for it then tell them to stuff it up their ass.

You shouldn't feel bad just because of the GF award Virgin for life because it's only a bit of fun. No one is really trying to be nasty about it and no one is meaning to pick on you. Just go with the flow, laugh it off and move on.
There's nothing wrong with it at all. I felt the exact same pressure as you did at that age. Hell, it was only a few years ago I was 15/16. It gets less and less important as your friends stop caring what you get up to so much.

You are still young and there's still plenty of time. Don't worry too much about it, peer pressure sucks but trust me it gets easier and screw what they think, just be your own person and take life how you want to.

The virgin award is just for a laugh, don't take it out on Imp!


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that's the thing, I didn't MEAN to take it out on imp, its just a miscommunication/error. What REALLY pissed me off was that they guy is a stereotypical jock/asshole and I wanted to punch his face and ask if any girls would lay him with that deformed face I would end up giving him


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Just like with a lot of things, some people will give you a hard time about it to be mean, and some (like Imp) will just be friendly teasing. Also, realize that there are a lot of people (especially at your age) who are also virgins, but who pretend they aren't because they're in a similar situation that you are - they don't want to be teased, and get upset about it.

I'm 24 and a virgin, and probably will be that way for a while. I was saving myself for marriage for religious reasons - I no longer (entirely) have those religious reasons, but it still seems like it might be a good idea to wait. BTW - if you say you're waiting for religious reasons, people won't bug you for it nearly as much... ;)
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