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Whats so GREAT about where you live??


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And why would I want to move to that state??

I really need some input from my friends. With this stinking divorce getting really heavy, we have to get our house sold right away. I cannot afford to buy another in So. California. The problem is I love it here and can't think of anywhere else to go? So please tell me the good and not so good reasons to look at buying a home in other states. I really need some help on this guys. I need to move within the next couple of months.
Thanks Juliette


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If you can handle rain then Western Washington or Oragon are good states to live in. You have the rain, but you also have the forest and mountains. You get all 4 seasons. Things arn't too expensive in Portland, Seattle is a bit pricier though. Where I live I bought a 3 acher lot with a mobile home on it for $27,500 but it also came with a ride on lawn mower and a new rodatiller, etc


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Well the midwest is a LOT cheaper to buy a house than in CA, so that would be a plus.


Cheaper realestate and houses (3 bedroom house in good areas starting at $125K-ish, decent areas $50K+)
No extreme weather temperatures high or low
Less congested
Less air polution (unless you go to an industrial city)



There's probably more but I can't think right now. :)


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wow mina ,, maybe i move there...lol......... things are getting crazy in california.... my mom bought a house in Tennsse for 22k and it is really nice... she say its not so bad there... but it does snow and rain... and the heat is humid...... nani


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Hmmmm...I already told whats here in the big ole state of Texas..But i forgot to mention the big bugs. :lol:


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no kidding andrew houses here in northern ca are going for and older home 30 plus for 330k or more.......... it is crazy and the new ones forget about it you looking at 550k or more...........brand new with no back yard hardly and your neighboors so close you can touch their house............ i can never afford a house here... I am just a renter.. and that is getting outrageous...... I need to move myself......


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I'm not all that far from Andrew.

I would guess that we have the biggest extremes in variations in temps. If you include the windchill/heat indexes, you could be talking 175deg difference from high to low. :/

BUT, in reality, winters will only get as low as around teens generally, and summers 90's generally.

I like it here because there's TREES lol. Lots of pretty landscapes. Hilly but not mountainous, but not flat. Jobs in my county are easy to come by. People are VERY friendly (sometimes nosey). Property and rent is cheap. Here you can buy a modest house in town for $40-$50k. It won't be big, but it won't be a dump.

I'm in northwest missouri.

Oh yeah.. and *I* am here LOL



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I'm in MI surrounded by the great lakes, and couldn't imagine living without the changing seasons!!! We have a saying here that goes like this...if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!


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Ok I"m thinking (patting finger on table) mmmmm, uhhhhhh, something good about where i live.....mmmmm, uhhhhhh,

I'll get back to you on this one!! :)


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angelspeak said:
I'm in MI surrounded by the great lakes, and couldn't imagine living without the changing seasons!!! We have a saying here that goes like this...if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!
Average cost of homes vary greatly where I'm at, one city away could be 80,000-100,000, 2 cities away 30,000-80,000/ my neighborhood averages about 150,000-1,000,000+ it depends on how close to the water you want to be!