What's on your IPOD?


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Well, I personally am IPOD-less. But on my yahoo radio, I have really gotten into a lot of hiphop. KJ-52, TobyMac and John Rueben are my favorites right now. Also really like the White Stripes, their new video is hillarious. I am always in the mood for early Funk music such as Rufus, Jackson5, Prince, etc.


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I have a 60 gig iPod, and have over 3,000 songs on it. (I have a lot of CD's lol). The only time I ever use iTunes to buy songs is when I like just one or two songs on the CD. Otherwise, I will just go get the full CD at Best Buy or something. :D

I have a little bit of everything. Funny you should mention KJ-52 Spence, I actually have his new CD signed that I got about a year ago. I'm not really a big fan of hip-hop anymore though. I am more into songs that involve guitars. :)

I used to be a Wedding DJ, and even though the company I worked through had a bunch of CD's (and I mean a BUNCH) that we got to use, I ended up buying a bunch of dance stuff to add to my collection. Can you believe they didn't have Kung-Fu Fighting! I had to find that on my own because it was requested at literally every reception.

I have a decent amount of classic rock, techno (yes..), some pop, some punk, a good deal or rock, and then everything else that can't be categorized. ;)

One of my favorite CD's right now is Jimmy Eat World: Futures.


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We don't have an ipod yet, but it is on our Christmas list. When our computer went down, the guy repairing it wanted to prove to us that they had it up and running (when it was returned to us it wouldn't run) so he mentioned that fact that we have an interesting selection of music. From Johnny Cash to Marilyn Manson :)


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Well you really should get one. I'd recommend going with the new iPod video. I don't have one, but I wish I did since it costs the same as the one I do have. (At the time of purchase a few months ago). Oh well. :)

What kind are you thinking of getting?