What's on your computer table?


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Right now, nothing because I'm about to leave college for home.

But it used to house my DVD collection, External HD, books, cologne, deoderant, and picture of my girlfriend.


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let's see I have some stuff.

keyboard, mouse, wireless mouse sensor, speakers, monitor, paper, some plastic wrapper stuff, some papers, a whole bunch of power adapters, an 8mb video card, a remote, some hats, a linkys workgroup switch box, another keyboard, another set of speakers, a sub, some CD's, a couple of games, wires, scotch tape, some books, a shoe box, a head scratching thingy, and a picture.

I think that's it, not sure, my other desk is cleaner.


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On the very top I have some Duke national championship coke bottles, a few Kasey Kahne items (nascar driver for those thinking who the hell is that), some redskins merchandise, and a Carolina Hurricanes hockey puck.
also have on lower level, a cd holder, pens, can of coke, ashtray, cigs, digi camera, and speakers.


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Monitor,speakers, headphones, mouse. cell phone, balloon,money, chapstick,root beer,pens,astray-cigs,lighter,keys,toy.


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Hi all.

Let's see..Ashtray, coke cans,mouse,2 remotes,another laptop, monitor, CD's , Real genius DVD, Knife, Sketch pad, Pencils, Cigs, lighter, Thumb drive and last but not least the Keyboards and my DS.


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Oh man, this is a pretty big desk at 2 tiers.

13-inch TV on the shelf right above the monitor with a box of tissues, lamp, potpourri, a hard drive, some manuals, a bag of soap stuff.

On the shelf with the monitor I have the speakers, 2 modems, shitload of cds, paper strewn everywhere, some barbells, brush, lotion, hair dryer, my drink, remote, hair things, candle, printer, pens, nail supples, cat toys, medications, cup of screws, fake flower leis, bacardi necklaces, mardi gras beads and stuff, tupperware container of mixed nuts and raisins, darts, CD stack of 50, USB drives, and speaker headphones.

Then I have a slew of shelves with garbage in them.

I think I got it all lol
Theres a ton on mine, so here I go.

Three pencils, ten pens, nail clippers, blank CD (used as a coaster), iPod, three sets of headphones, a 12" fan that is keeping my laptop from overheating, my laptop, modem, router, speakers, glasses and case, two screw drivers, two sets of ear plugs, two of those little cocktail sword things that go in drinks, air freshener, three buckeyes, a mini deck of cards, a paper plate, a picture frame w/ pic of parents and dog, box of Kleenex, lamp, one NERF dart, tape measurer, remote for my TV Tuner card, mouse pad, mouse, paper with my required classed for my major, and a small notepad.

I think thats it...


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a bottle of water
glasses case
a couple calculators
a bag of sour patch kids
a bowl of apple slices
a coaster

There are upper shelves that have blank CDs and DVDs, books, rulers, scissors, textbooks, CDs, xerox paper, notebook paper, a harmonica, magazines....