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What's on your bed?


Registered Member
Right now on my bed: Me, a lap desk with my laptop on it, a plastic bag full of shirts, a roll of paper towels, an eyeglass case, the TV remote, and pillows. All of which (except the pillows) will be gone by the time I get ready for sleep.

I don't have any stuffed toys on my bed, but I'm not against them either. I might consider having some on my bed just for decoration, except the dogs would shred them if I tried.


There's nothing I have on my bed apart from my laptop. I want to keep it as empty as possible so I can lay down without restrictions and stuff that might bother me around.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't have anything on my bed anymore. I don't sleep with my teddy bear any longer (lol) and any of the things that used to be on there are no longer on there.


Well-Known Member
Besides the regular sheets and pillows, the remote to my television and some random articles of clothing. Can't remember if they're clean or not, but meh, laundry is always fun to do :D



Registered Member
Two stuffed animals that usually end up on the floor in the morning. And a media player under my pillow. I like to listen to it when I sleep cause my stereo might keep everybody else awake. When I was younger I had lots of stuff on my bed but now I like having more room. :D
Oh, and sometimes I leave remotes on the bed and forget them. If there's anything else, I toss it on the floor before I do zzz.


Registered Member
The cat and dogs usually sleep with me. My husband bought me a stuffed moose before his first deployment and now that he's deployed again I spray some of his Axe on the moose and it sleeps with me. When hubby returns, the moose gets the boot.


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I only have one teddy bear on my bed which I have had since I was a baby. All my others are in a cupboard. At the minute I have a load of junk on my bed, but obviously I don't sleep with it all on there.


Nothing. I can't sleep with anything on my bed 'cuz I'll just kick it off... Poor kitty. :'(

...yeah, my cat USED to sleep on my bed until I accidentally kicked it a few times and woke up with scratches on my leg. Look, I basically fight when I sleep. Don't sleep near me or I might accidentally hit you.

No stuffed animals, no dogs, no cats, no extra pillows, no nothing. It looks empty with just one pillow, but, oh well.


Well-Known Member
People who sleep with toys and stuff like that are just weird. :lol:

I sleep with blankets, a pillow, and a clock on my desk (next to my bed).

It annoys me to sleep with anything else in my bed at all, keeps me up all night.


People who sleep with toys and stuff like that are just weird. :lol:
Maybe it's weird but a lot of people do it. When you have something with you a large part of your life it's hard to let go. I personally feel more attached to some inanimate objects such as favourite childhood toys than I do to some of my friends.

I have one stuffed toy. It's an old penguin that I've had since I was a baby. It's usually always in or around my bed somewhere and when I am at home I can't sleep without it.

My phone and ipod are usually there somewhere, and usually some clothes thrown on the bed as well. My dog and my lizard take turns in jumping up there and spending so me time on my bed.