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What's on your bed?


Sally Twit
Do you have anything on or in bed with you other than the pillows/covers?

The same friend that showed me her boyfriend's penis is the same girl that sleeps with shit loads of teddy bears. She fits her boyfriend in there too. It freaks me out. She is 27 years old and has so many different stuffed toys on her bed.
I keep all my childhood toys in a cupboard but I don't have them in bed with me. When I was a kid I would never sleep without this toy cow that moo's. But now, I won't even entertain it.

Is she weird or are there any GF'ers that do this?


Ms. Malone
I have two stuffed dogs under one of my pillows; one is from an ex and the other i got on holiday in Florida. But yeah, if the bed is COVERED in stuffed toys, it's weird.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
As a 28-year-old guy, you probably won't be surprised to hear that my answer is no. I only have my 3 pillows and covers on my bed.

I really can't think of what I'd put on it...the only case I can think of are gifts that I had received from two separate ex-girlfriends...one had gotten me a throw-pillow and one had gotten me a fleece blanket. I guess this only applies with the throw-pillow, but when we dated I always had it on my bed but I didn't really use it when I slept. The fleece blanket was awesome, and I still use it to this day. But I guess that doesn't really apply since it mixes in with the rest of my covers.


Creeping On You
I could never understand how some people sleep with things on their bed. My younger brother had like a little shelf with books and various other things and a few stuffed animals that were on his bed. No beside, but ON the mattress. He slept beside all this stuff. I never understood how he could do that. I guess maybe he doesn't roll around in his sleep.

I have my two pillows, and my blanket, and a sheet covering the mattress on the futon. Although lately I've been added a couple thicker quilts under that sheet, to cushion against the bars of the futon.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sometimes I have some clothes laying on my bed but, other than that, I've just got two pillows and a blanket.


AKA Ass-Bandit
My cat.

I'm not yet convinced that he isn't just a living bed ornament, he's there 9 times out of 10.


Registered Member
My phone-charger cable, as my phone rests on the pillow left of my head at night. That's it. I have three pillows (forming a "U" shape to cradle my head) a sheet, a comforter, and sometimes in the winter a medium-weight blanket. I usually make my bed during the day because I like the orderly aesthetics of a tidy sleep area waiting for me. If I'm working with my laptop, syncing items or working between my computers, I'll sometimes rest it on my bed as well and use it like a second desk, but that's the limit.


yellow 4!
I used to have a ton of stuffed animals lined up along the side of my bed, they got moved a long time ago though. I still have quite a few on my shelf, but only the ones I'm still a little sentimental about. Nothing on my actual bed.

In my room at uni I have nothing on the bed but covers and pillows. Also I sleep with my phone on the bed because I have no bedside table and I like to have it near me, for one thing I wouldn't hear the alarm if it was over on my desk.

Oh wait, I lied. I do have one on my bed at home... it's a big-ish bear that sits in the corner and I forget about him because he's been there since I was about 2 years old... he's definitely part of the furniture and I won't be moving him until I leave that room. :lol:


I ♥ Haters
Apart from my pillow and comforter, I have my gigantic stuffed Spongebob and a giant green bunny – both of which double as pillows. Also, my bed has a small headboard and there’s a bunch of junk on that as well like my iPod, cellphone, Ear Pollution headphones, nail file, a water bottle etc. Oh and my dog. She likes to sleep at the foot of the bed which is super close to the air-conditioner.


No Custom Title Exists
I have one stuffed toy, Flash and obviously my phone.

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