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What's next, rattlesnakes as baby toys?


Secret Agent
Staff member
This is quite disturbing on many levels...

YouTube - Baby vs Cobra / playing with a cobra snake

Apparently they sew the snakes mouth shut as part of a traditional baby toy/routine...

Not cool for the snake. Not cool for the baby.

Not cool at all.


what? no pink?
oh my god!!! I can't even believe I just seen something like that. what were they thinking?

this is just...I can't even put words together for that. that's awful poor baby!


New Member
Poor baby? Poor snake! That little killer tried to choke the life out of the poor rattler.


Sssssuper Platinum ******
Rattlesnakes do rattle so you have a pet and a toy in one.
Neat combo in my humble opinion.
Am I kidding? Yessssssssssssss! :D
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