What's next, Pepsi Blvd?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by viLky, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. viLky

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    I understand there is a pet peeve topic, however, this peeve needs a topic of it's own.

    I can't stand when businesses go to advertisers to pay to build a building. In return, have their name stamped all over the building.

    Bob: We now to go the Pepsi Center for live coverage...
    Bill: At the Staple's Center today...
    Biff: The Nokia Theatre is having...
    Buff: The AT&T park is opening a new...
    Gandalf: Oh look, PetCo Park!

    I know, they need money to build the building, I just can't stand seeing teams and buildings being raped daily by broadcasting a advertisement on top of their building. That, AND calling the stadium by that said ad name.

    I fear that advertisers won't stop here, NO! They will soon realize they can get under our skin even more by buying street names and changing them into their name, slogan or whatever else they decide. I can see it now:

    Mayor: We need more money, but HOW?
    The Other Bill: I know, we can sell street names to big businesses for money! We can charge $100 a month for main streets and $25 for private residents.
    Mayor: BRILLIANT, The Other Bill. Promotion!
    The Promoted Bill: :applause:

    Don't you see this coming to life? I do. I don't think I can't ever move to a Pepsi Blvd with Coca-Cola being the cross street. :teeth:

    How do you feel about this? Do you believe one day this could come true?

  2. Malificus

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    Usually it's because the company sponsored or even owns the park/convention center.

    And there are roads named after the company that the road is there for.
  3. ysabel

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    It doesn't bother me (yet). I prefer to have a decent new stadium or street with a sponsor name than not have anything. Anyway, most of the places and streets are already named for whatever reason they can think of - popular people, flowers, etc.

    I don't like the "fad" phase though. Like something big happens, is on the news and people start renaming everything after that event or person.
  4. Major

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    I've always found this kind of thing annoying. Eventually sports teams are all going to have sponsors in their names, like the Red Bulls in soccer. Weren't the Chicago Bears supposed to be called the Bank One Bears or something a few years back?

    Also, the bowl games in college football are being taken over by sponsors. What used to be the Peach Bowl turned into the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, and now is called the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Ridiculous.
  5. Doc

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    It's the negative portions of living in a capitalistic society.

    Anything that can be bought with money.. is.
  6. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Yeah, I'm tired of great place names being slapped with advertisements. Mile High Stadium comes to mind.

    I seem to remember some stadium keeping its name due to an agreement with the owners. Nice to see heritage and class win out.
  7. Malificus

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