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What's next for the Maple Leafs?


The return shall be legenday!
After a hot start to the season the Toronto Maple Leafs were officially eliminated from the playoffs last season. Tim Lieweke said in an interview last week that changes were going to be made if that happened, and if you at his track record..he doesn't mess around. What kind of changes do you see happening in Toronto?


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Tim Lieweke doesn't messa round as you said and has already engaged into tranactions that have made the Raptors and TFC playoff bound. The same will happen in Leafland. We have some nice pieces, but we need to get a little more defensive minded. Missing the playoffs via collapse is probably the best thing that could have happened...should be an interesting offseason to say the least.


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The off-season will clearly sort itself out regarding the coaching staff. What I need to know is why the Maple Leafs front office seems incapable of hiring the correct person. The Maple Leafs have had four head coaches in ten years since the lockout and I'll give Quinn and Maurice a pass because they were truly dealing with bad teams. Who knows? Perhaps Wilson (at the end) and Carlyle were dealing with bad teams? Everytime the Leafs seemed to be in a better position to better themselves on the ice the team folds up like a deck of cards. It happened in 2011-2012, it happened in game 7 against Boston and it happened against this year. No heart on this team!


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I am a fan of Randy Carlyle's but I think the Leafs should get a new coach because I don't think that he fits the culture of the team. He's a fine coach for a team laced with older veterans, but he's not the sort of coach who does an effective job of coaching younger guys. I really wish that Dallas Eakins was the head coach now in hindsight.
I think Carlyle and Nonis will stick around until Shanahan's hand picked replacements become available. I think there will be a roster shake up Reimer will likely be moved so Bernier and can be confident the job is his with out having the previous guy looking over his shoulder some offense will be shipped out for some solid defense but it's all going to be very difficult with the salary cap. I truly do feel sorry for Leaf fans well some of them their are some Leaf fans that aren't particularly easy to like.
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