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What's next for Swagger


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It seems since Swagger loss the title he hasn't gotten a real big oppurtunity. What do you believe the WWE should do with him?

For me I would love to see him in a feud with Drew Mcintyre. I know both are heels, but just imagine the possibities with these two guys going at it. Both are tall, both are big, and both are talented in the ring. I think it would be an amazing feud, and a lot of people could get into it.

What are your thoughts?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Him and Drew would do well in a feud but I don't think it can happen right now, neither will turn face.

They'd make a great tag team...I don't see him going for Ziggler's title right now, so maybe just a strong story/feud would be best.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Seems like McIntyre and Rhodes have a tag thing going so I doubt we'll see that. Not sure where Swagger goes from here. He's floundered around since losing the title and quite frankly wasn't winning that much WHEN he was World Champion either.

The feud with MVP seems to be working for now.


Haters gonna hate.
He's on hold I think and he better get in a good feud. Daniel Bryan should go to SD with the US Title after NOC (that is going to happen) and feud with Thwagger. That could be GREAT.


Where is my Queen?
Daniel Bryan and Swagger feud will be awesome, not only will it push Daniel Bryan but it will also put the focus on Swagger as well. Swagger really needs to work on his mic skills because in my opinion they are lacking. And then he can finally go after the World Title again. I hope he doesn't win the US title from Bryan because that would just bring Swagger down, but if he does win it he should get a sledge hammer and and beat the hell out of it and exclaim that he is not second rate, that would be awesome.
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