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What's next for Sting>


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We haven't seen Sting since his match at Wrestlemania against Triple H. I'm having difficulties to remember how days he was to appear on a TV. But, what do you think is next for Sting? Do you believe he'll have another match this year? Maybe his next match is against Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Maybe he gets inducted in to the hall of fame? Thoughts?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I assume he'll have a match at mania and then he'll retire...might go in the Hall of fame at the same time

Undertaker seems to make sense but I think Sting would like to win a match in WWE too haha


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'd like to see him defeat someone and then face Taker at Mania...maybe he could wrestle at a bigger name PPV like Survivor Series or the Rumble first. I'd love if he were a surprise Summerslam match but not holding my breath on that one.

I think Sting vs. Wyatt would be an amazing match. If we're sticking to more veteran talent, I'd love to see Sting vs. Cena or Orton.

Or how about Sting vs. The Rock? That would make my head explode haha.


Registered Member
From what I remembered, Sting had 6 or 7 TV dates on his WWE contract when he signed + all the other appearances WWE-related like Comic-Cons and stuff like that. I know that he appears in the Monday Night War DVD coming up with Triple H & Renee Young and there's gonna be a full documentary on his career coming up later this year.

As for the Wrestlemania match, I think they're gonna obviously go with Taker as both shall wrestle their retirement match but I'd like for Sting to head into Wrestlemania with at least 1 win to build some momentum, either captaining a team at Survivor Series or a special match at Royal Rumble.
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