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What's next for Owens after Cena?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The booking for Owens has been terrific since joining the main roster. HHH and company decided to book him against the face of the company. He can only go down from there, right? Do you believe that the WWE are slowly setting up a Cesaro/Owens feud? Both are great wrestlers, Cesaro is now a face and it seems like the WWE are giving him a push. So, Cesaro would be the next best thing for him, right?



Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think it would be cool if Owens wins the US title that he goes onto feud with Cesaro...there's definitely a feud brewing there and I think it could be an epic feud at that.

Sure, moving on from Cena will be a step down but if he's booked strong it'll be fine...especially if he's the US Champ.


Registered Member
Well...I wouldn't say it's a step down necessarily. Yeah, Cena's the franchise player of the company but right now, he's holding a secondary title in the US Championship so I don't see the aftermath for Owens facing Cesaro over the title as a demotion, on the contrary. It'd just be a natural progression for him on his way to become the #2 heel in WWE, which it's what WWE creative is aiming for.

I could see Owens and Cesaro battle over it until probably Hell in a Cell and cap this off at Survivor Series in a Traditional Survivor Series Match with both men captaining a team. If they want to give a shot at Cesaro, a feud vs Owens is the way to go, with Owens being the hottest heel right now.
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