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What's more important to you?


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I've always believed that when it comes to relationships of any kind that the most important thing is, what's on the inside then what's on the outside.
Most people though don't believe that. Men look at the surface of a person more then what's really on the inside. Women are diffenently judgemental when it comes to looking at someone.
People never take the time any more to really want to get to know someone. They would rather judge what they see first before taking the time to know someone.
What do you think? Is this true?


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I always went for the looks rather than the personality because I was that shallow and only looked for a quickie and a sex buddy instead of a decent relationship. The "Good looks bad personality" doesn't apply to everyone, I've met gorgeous girls with amazing personalities but it just didn't work.

For me right now, personality is more important because it gets you far.


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Hard question. To me yes personality is the key to a relationship however (and this may make me sound shallow) but I have to also be physically attracted to that person as well.


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Yes, it pains me to say it but over the years I've grown ever more convinced that looks matter more to people (both male and female) than they like to let on. Perhaps we need that initial physical attraction before we decide that we want to get to know that person. As someone who has never been physically attractive I've never liked that that happens, but if I'm honest I've done it too.

I guess the key is for one to be aware of that tendency, and in doing so be more inclined to give those they find less attractive more of a chance than they otherwise might. Dunno, really. I think it's a bit of a "prejudice" that's always going to be with us.
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I don't see myself as being the "hot babe" in a crowd , and I would like to think that someone would be after me for the person I am, and not by the way I look, however in ways, the person whom I love, sometimes leads me to believe that he is in fact embarressed to be seen with me, as he doesn't go out in public with me (happening at the moment) so that sadden's me alot ..


Looks is the initial approach and I'd lie if I said it's not important at all... but I don't remain there. If I don't like someone's personality {behavior, manners, the way they talk, walk, stand ...etc} then they're not for me no matter how good-looking they are.
There were times when I was attracted by someone's personality though they were very "non-good-looking" (as I don't want to use the word ugly)

But it's true, men usually are more superficial but I'm sure that as the time goes by they get bored of a female who's just pretty and nothing more.
But not all men are the same though, neither are women.


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I think it is both. If you have a shitty personality then I won't approach her or have nothing to do with her anymore, EVEN if she looks just like Jessica Alba. I never base a relationship on looks anymore just because if you were to get really serious or get married to someone and something happens, like she got paralyzed or something like that, I would still like or love that person still. On the other hand though, if I am not attracted by a girl intitially I will not pursue it.
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Only those who are blind have the opportunity to get to know someone from the inside out first.
I don't think it's wrong to look at someone from the outside first. I don't care how incredible someone is on the inside, there has to be some sort of attraction to their outside in order for the relationship to work.
I'm not saying looks over anything else, only that their needs to be a spark of physical attraction.
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Sally Twit
Since being with my partner I do not notice other men in that way. My eye has never wandered as most of the time when I am alone I am thinking about him anyway. He is always in my thoughts.
I always look at what's inside. Yes I am physically very attracted to him but I fell for him after speaking to him because he made me laugh so much. The beautiful hazel eyes of his made my heart melt as well.


The insides are definitely important, but it's all for nothing if you don't at least find something on the outside appealing. I've never dated a perfect 10 but every girl I've dated has something that I found attractive (usually the eyes, smile or nose). Ha.