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What's more important to you


Sally Twit
out of career and love. Why?

If both are of equal importance to you, which would you give up if you had to?
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While my long and dedicated career is extremely important to me and something I am very passionate about nothing compares to my wife. We married young and is the love of my life. Nothing in my life is equal to her or my children.
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Living in Ikoria
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Love, all the way. It really comes back to the old adage "Poor and happy." I'd rather be married to my soul mate (wherever she's hiding) and working as a waiter than having a prominent career and being alone or unhappy.

The way I'm planning my life, though, I'll be able to use my MSW well and still end up happily married at some point. It's just that I'd never really be able to picture myself as that guy that works really late evenings because he's trying to get ahead in a business, instead of coming home to a wife/kids.


I think love is the key to overall happiness. I have never loved but I believe I'd be happier if I stayed beside my true love rather than have a good career and an empty heart. The good career is just a temporary happiness. Long-lasting love is almost a permanent happiness, stability and tranquility.


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Love ftw! I have lots of intense curiosity about a lot of things so I could easily find a career I like to replace the one I'm tossing! :D


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As others have said, it's a clear answer. Luckily, I've got both and both are going perfectly, but if I had to choose one of the other of course I'd give up my career for love.


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Definitely "love" over career. Not love in the smitten dreamy way though.....more like in the family way. People need people. Companionship is instinctual and a strong drive in me.


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Love, for sure. My husband is and always has been my best friend since we were in diapers, we've been through everything together and I know I couldn't face the world without him now.


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Career over love, maybe it's because I am young and naive but I would rather have a good and long career, rake in the money and have no love life.


Haters gonna hate.
It's about equal for me, but at this point of my life, I would have to say career. Until I graduate college, my career will be of utmost importance.