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What's More Effective For Treating Mental Illness?


Registered Member
Some believe that it's mostly the medication that helps people the most when trying to overcome depression, anxiety disorders, and other forms of mental illness.

However, if a person helps himself/herself as best as they can, then talk therapy can be just as benificial to them. If an individual is willing to overcome their issues by replacing negative beliefs with a positive, more rational belief system and does what they can to overcome their fears that are harming them emotionally, then I think psychotherapy is not only just as important, it's also as effective in managing their mental health issues.

Overcoming such a terrible illness requires more than just taking medication. It's also about the person working as a team with a therapist to live a happy, productive life.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I agree that therapy is a great help with a lot of the mental illnesses. However there are some that must take their medicine possibly for the rest of their life. Remember the man in Canada that killed the person on the bus and ate part of him. He stopped taking his medicine and that was the result of it.


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I think it really depends on the condition, personally... To go back to the people-are-computers metaphor, I think the effectiveness of one treatment over another depends on the root of the problem - If it's a software issue (ie - circumstantial depression), then sure, a little reprogramming through talk therapy will work wonders. If it's a hardware issue, though (ie - schizophrenia), that same reprogramming might help to cope for a while and put a band-aid on the issue, but if the disease is progressive, it's eventually going to fall behind as 'components' are damaged.


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I've been one to try talk therapy from a variety of professionals for a variety of reasons with a variety of outcomes. Some of it was SO lame, I'm embarrassed those people involve themselves with mental health. In the case of PPD, it was very effective. Then another 7 years passed and the anxiety and rage and depression was crippling. For NO reason!! My life was golden. It's in the chemistry and all the cognitive strength in the world can't and won't make my brain have more or less what is needed. Even with meds, depression sneaks through completely untriggered.

Clinical depression has no rhyme or reason. You can't be outpowered with positive thinking. You might be able to be functional, but there will be no happiness.