Whats it worth??

Im putting this under shopping, and i hope it fits here...

I am not trying to sell this on the forum, nor am i trying to advertise it, i just have no clue as to how much i should be asking.
I have a computer that i want to sell, but i would like to know what it is worth, so here goes:

Bought end of 2009 for $700

MSI Wind U100 Plus. (netbook)
1.6 processor, 2GB Ram.
150 GB HDD
Windows 7.
6 cell battery. (6 hours +)
and a note: Perfect machine for a "hackintosh", as it has the internals all ready customized for a perfect job.
So its not that old, condition is alright, but used. The screen hinge is a bit floppy, and i dont think the webcam is working.

So what should i be asking for something like that?? Does anyone have any ideas? Thankyou!!

P.S. Prices are in AUD above, please state what currency you reply in. Thanks.:)


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I just bought a machine with damn near similar stats for $300 USD brand new.

You're going to be hard pressed to sell it for more than $200-$250 USD.


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The cheapest used one I can find on Amazon is $245 and since you're not a retailer I'd say you can try 225 but don't expect much higher. Steve has it right.